I was lucky enough to shoot at the gaylord, which has essentially shut down photoshoot by changing a $xxxx fee, but Tycha works there, so it was waived!!!

It was like an enormous photo studio. We were stopped by security and had to present our photo pass. 🙂


First stop, a life-size enormous ginger bread house. This spot had great color, and was unique, but turned out to be a little more of a challenge than I had expected. First off, there were sugar icicles hanging, which looked really neat, but in the portraits, looked like they were lethal sharp pointy objects about to fall on my model, so a crop and tight shot was nessesary and also took away the chances of showing the whole house.

Then, because of the ginger bread porch canopy, all the blue and other candy was in shadow. I stuck a strobe back there at 1/8th power with a small diffuser, pointed it up and it lit up the inside quite nicely.

This was the photo that Tycha chose to be displayed large at the reception. Before photoshopping, there was a strange and distracting white streaks on her face. It turned out to be a reflection from her earrings. Never had that happen before, has anyone else reading? twas quite interesting.
Like I said, the whole place was like an enormous studio. This spot looked like a castle, especially the wide angle shot.
I forgot to mention, Tycha scheduled the shoot intentionally near christmas because they had a winter wedding. This would explain the trees, ginger bread house and etc.



And you can’t go to the Gaylord Texas without a little Texas flare. We busted out the boots and hat for the final photo to wrap up the shoot. Until next post, Yeeeee-haaaahh.

ps. I’d like to thank Jason Chinnock who assisted me on this shoot.

-Jonny Carroll

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