Kellie’s wedding was last month, and I’m just now finishing up the photos from it. I got the opportunity to shoot her bridals back in september, (note the greenery in the first shot), but of course, bridals can’t be published until the big day. Kellie went to the University of North Texas in Denton, TX and is now a nurse. A very attractive nurse at that. Sorry, I watched too much animaniacs growing up. But really, Kellie was beautiful and great to work with.





Light is fading on us. I’ve been using my own lights all shoot anyway, balanced with the ambient, but now it’s time for the overpower! The white vail is a simple backlighting. I have a wireless flash shooting toward me illuminating the vail from behind. This in particular was a 430ex at 1/8th power I believe. This can be tricky sometimes, first you have to hide the lightstand. Second, this is nearly impossible to fire with anything other than radio triggers. With the Nikon and Canon wireless technology uses infrared pulsing light to fire a slave, which means that there must be a visual connection between you and your strobe. In some cases, you might be able to pull it off by reflecting off the bricks. I was using pocketwizard transceivers.

With bridals it’s important to white balance, in every lighting change. That dress is white, and needs to be a true white in every photo. Sure, my locust street photo has a warm tint to it, but that’s an effect, just for fun. Those are the kinds of photos for blogs only. You’ll never see a photo like that hung at a reception or in a home for years and years. Stray away from heavy digital effects and try to get things right on the sensor. On top of a true white dress, then the skin must still look warm colored. An overcast day makes this even more difficult. Notice that outdoor shadows always have a blue tint to them. I polarizer makes things even more blue. I can’t stress enough the important of shooting in raw which will allow you to correct the white balance in the case that you didn’t get it right on the sensor.

Kellie was a blast to shoot with. Her and her new husdand, Cameron’s, wedding was beautiful. Those photos coming soon.

I also want to say thanks to Sarah Carroll who assisted on the shoot.

-Jonny Carroll

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