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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my Photographer / Videographer?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

In most cases the individual lead photographer and or videographer is assigned about 1-2 months before the wedding with second shooters assigned closer to the wedding date. Those individual chosen is dependent on several factors, most posting availability. Many of our crew crossover from DTX Media (our sister company focusing on corporate work), and many of our crew operate their own photo and video businesses outside of DTX where they charge premium rates well above DTX Weddings prices. However, with short notice and availably our crew agree to our pre-determined rates, giving you a top of the line shooter at a great discount and keeping them busy. Every single crew member operates to a standard which matches our portfolio and will have shot with DTX as a second shooter prior to shooting as a lead, to date, every lead has worked directly alongside Jonny Carroll to be screened and trained. We have so many incredible options, but should there ever be a situation where a lead wasn’t available, Jonny Carroll (the award winning national geographic videographer and photographer who owns DTX Weddings and DTX Media) will happily cover the wedding. Our videographers and photographers are incredible artists, but stay busy and are not always available or responsive. Your project coordinator is assigned from day 1 and is intended to handle all communication, contracts, shot lists, scheduling, and in general be your responsive, organized and always available point-persons before, during and after your wedding. 

What’s your turn around time?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

This is perhaps one of the greatest qualities that sets us apart from others. We will have your video or photos edited and delivered within 60 days of the wedding, and 14 days for any non-wedding day shoot, like bridals or engagements. That’s the guaranteed number and we’ll usually deliver in half that time. With wedding photography, we try to deliver a small batch of sneak peek images that first week after the wedding. There are some horror stories out there, people who waited over a year to see their photos, and to this day might not have their video. Just ask around.

Do you travel outside of Dallas, is there a fee?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

Yea, we love to travel!! The fee just depends on how far we’re going. Typically a $1 / mile outside of Dallas / Fort Worth Metro. For destination weddings like Hawaii, just ask, we’ll do whatever I can to get there!

Can I refund my deposit if the wedding cancels?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

Our policy, set in place to protect us both, is that the deposit is not refundable. Once committed by a deposit, we will lock in a crew assigned to your wedding. If we get another assignment, consumer or corporate that might be financially better, and we’ll prioritize our crew for your wedding first. That said, there are exceptions to every rule, for example if a groom is in the US military and a sudden deployment forces the wedding to be cancelled, then we can certainly hold the deposit for a future date. If you’re worried about any situations like this affecting your day, please let us know in advance.

Do you keep a backup of our photos / video?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

Great question! Some photographers put the pictures online for sale in order to make quick cash only give you 2 weeks to order them. While effective from a revenue standpoint, this is so far from how we operate. Any content we create is available for at least a year after the wedding date, and the gallery is online for at least a year. After a year, we will likely still have your content, there might just be an archive fee to retrieve it.

What can I do with the digital files?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

You can use them for any personal purposes that you want. This includes uploading to websites printing, social sharing, photo frames, Christmas cards, scrap books, etc. The only things you can’t do are use your photos / video for commercial purposes and/or sell them.

Do you have references?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

Take your choice, you can go through the blog and I’ll give you the contact info for anyone you’d like. Our goal is to make our clients happy, and our 5 star reviews on google, yelp, wedding wire and the knot attest to that. If you want to see all 800+ photos from a particular wedding, email us.

Who is the crew made of?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

DTX Weddings is the sister company of DTX Media, founded by Jonny Carroll. We share the same resources, which include 4 full time employees, and several professional videographers and photographers. We’re easy to get a hold of, quick to respond to questions, fast to deliver, and flexible with our schedule. All our shooters are professional videographers or photographers. who in addition to weddings, shoot portraits, commercial photography and video production. These skills transfer lighting techniques, poses, creativity, cinematic effects and to create truly unique pieces of art. To give you perspective, Jonny and several of our crew have used DTX Weddings to cover our own weddings. If fact, if you want to see Jonny’s wedding photos or video, just ask and we’ll send it to you!

Your photography includes “basic editing”, what all does that entail?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

First we take all the photos from all the cameras and sync them to display in chronological order. From there, we organize them to have a flow to them. Before organization, shots are jumping back and forth between the guys and girls getting ready, but this way when you view them it’s an easy to follow and enjoyable experience. Then we narrow them down, getting rid of unflattering faces, blurry images, near duplicates, etc. After that we do our “Basic editing”.  We strive to get everything right on the camera sensor, and then in post we go through and make Lightroom adjustments. Some of the things we do include adjustments to exposure, color balance, cropping, shadow recovery, contrast via levels or curves, vignetting, and occasionally dodging and burning. This is something that many photographers will only do on images that you order prints of, or just never do. On close-up photos we may occasionally do a little skin softening / pimple removal and other times use a clone stamp tool to remove distracting elements like bright red glowing exit signs. We’re not heavy on editing or “digital artists”. We will not Photoshop in rose pedals down the aisle, give you a veil on your head that you left at home, or liquify your body like a fake magazine model. But unlike many, we will treat every image with care and we strive to have every image look professional and represent our quality accurately.

Do you require we meet in person?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

No, but we prefer to. Meeting gives us a chance to discuss your specific wedding and just get to know each other a little. Be careful though, after you see how much we love our jobs and how passionate about our work, you’ll have no choice but to hire us. 

Do you shoot in black and white?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

Yes and no. We never “shoot” in black and white, but with digital you can always make a photo black and white. We’re very big on pretty and vibrant color, I believe this is one of the things that sets our portfolio apart, along with lighting techniques. We put colored gels over flashes and light to match the ambient colors of the room, and make sure that a white wedding dress indeed appears white in the content. Our style is typically vibrancy vs muted colors, but again, you can always mute colors in post-production.

Do you charge sales tax?2019-06-21T21:56:50+00:00

Yes, it is required by law. Any photographer / videographer who is not charging sales tax is cheating the government and running a dishonest business. It’s safe to assume they also don’t pay income tax. The last thing you want is a shady wedding photographer who has contentment with being a thief… that’s just asking for trouble. There are horror stories out there. If you don’t book us, please at least make sure to book an honest and ethical photographer or videographer. Sales tax is a good indicator of their legitimacy, but wait, even if they “charge” it and then insist on you paying in cash, they probably are never sending it to the state comptroller and just stealing it from you.

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