We started at Veteran’s park in Arlington, Texas & Dalworthington Gardens

I love bridals and it’s always so hard to wait to post them. As you know it’s tradition for the husband not to see his bride in her dress before the wedding, so as a precautionary measure I always wait to share any of the photos in social media until after the wedding.

Kori looked spectacular.

Kori Bridals Arlington wedding photography

Kori Bridals    wedding photography in arlington, tx

Arlington Wedding Photographer

Kori was both beautiful and great to work with as a Arlington Wedding Photographer. I had her lay on this log on her back to a glamour looking bridal portrait. It made for good Arlington wedding photography.

arlington, tx wedding photographers

Kori Arlington wedding phototgraphers Bridals

Back in the woods, we captured a cute bouquet toss photo.

Kori Bridals    Kori Bridals

More lens flares. My favorite type of arlington wedding photography.

Kori Bridals

Kori Bridals

We then made our way to Woods Chapel in Arlington on Bowen Road. This is actually where I got married so that was pretty neat to take wedding / bridal photos there.

Kori Bridals    Kori Bridals

Kori Bridals

Kori Bridals

Racing sunlight we then whipped over to a new shopping development on Cooper. I took these shots at f/1.4 which is pretty much largest aperture you can get. What that does is allow a lot of light in and also creates a very shallow depth of field. Notice the beautiful “bokeh” (the out of focus circles in the background). You can really see it in the droplets of water. Just some pretty photography nerd stuff.

Kori Bridals   Kori Bridals

Kori Bridals

Hope you enjoyed these shots. You’ll be seeing her wedding up here before too long. She’s now Kori Juedeman.You can see more in the facebook album and all the photos over at my proof gallery

Jonny Carroll – Arlington Wedding Photographer