First we take all the photos from all the cameras and sync them to display in chronological order. From there, we organize them to have a flow to them. Before organization, shots are jumping back and forth between the guys and girls getting ready, but this way when you view them it’s an easy to follow and enjoyable experience. Then we narrow them down, getting rid of unflattering faces, blurry images, near duplicates, etc. After that we do our “Basic editing”.  We strive to get everything right on the camera sensor, and then in post we go through and make Lightroom adjustments. Some of the things we do include adjustments to exposure, color balance, cropping, shadow recovery, contrast via levels or curves, vignetting, and occasionally dodging and burning. This is something that many photographers will only do on images that you order prints of, or just never do. On close-up photos we may occasionally do a little skin softening / pimple removal and other times use a clone stamp tool to remove distracting elements like bright red glowing exit signs. We’re not heavy on editing or “digital artists”. We will not Photoshop in rose pedals down the aisle, give you a veil on your head that you left at home, or liquify your body like a fake magazine model. But unlike many, we will treat every image with care and we strive to have every image look professional and represent our quality accurately.