In most cases the individual lead photographer and or videographer is assigned about 1-2 months before the wedding with second shooters assigned closer to the wedding date. Those individual chosen is dependent on several factors, most posting availability. Many of our crew crossover from DTX Media (our sister company focusing on corporate work), and many of our crew operate their own photo and video businesses outside of DTX where they charge premium rates well above DTX Weddings prices. However, with short notice and availably our crew agree to our pre-determined rates, giving you a top of the line shooter at a great discount and keeping them busy. Every single crew member operates to a standard which matches our portfolio and will have shot with DTX as a second shooter prior to shooting as a lead, to date, every lead has worked directly alongside Jonny Carroll to be screened and trained. We have so many incredible options, but should there ever be a situation where a lead wasn’t available, Jonny Carroll (the award winning national geographic videographer and photographer who owns DTX Weddings and DTX Media) will happily cover the wedding. Our videographers and photographers are incredible artists, but stay busy and are not always available or responsive. Your project coordinator is assigned from day 1 and is intended to handle all communication, contracts, shot lists, scheduling, and in general be your responsive, organized and always available point-persons before, during and after your wedding.