Casey is one of the most spectacular brides I’ve worked with.

Casey's frisco wedding photography

We had our bridal shoot at the NYLO hotel in Frisco, and it was just perfect. Notice the colors of the flowers and the accent colors of the locations. Just spot on. The colors also match my DTX Photography site, but that’s just lucky. Either way they make for great Frisco wedding photography.

The hotel is very high end, beautiful and just a joy to work with, as was Casey. They were very photographer accommodating and the shooting fee was not outrageous. They were great to both the Bride casey and her frisco wedding photographer, Jonny.

Casey's frisco wedding photography

Frisco Wedding Photographer

Casey's frisco wedding photography

Frisco wedding photographer     brettman_008
Casey and her mom absolutely loved the bookshelf, so we had to get a few shots with it. Notice the flash behind her with an orange gel, it really did wonders for the frisco wedding photograph.
Frisco wedding photographer

Frisco wedding photography     Frisco, TX wedding photography

Here’s the one we chose as her display photo at the reception. Printed on a wrapped canvas frame. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Frisco wedding photography in Frisco, Texas by photographer Jonny Carroll

bridal photography portraits in Frisco, Texas     wedding photography in Frisco, Texas

Frisco Wedding Photographer

NYLO Plano at Legacy is an experience in boutique urban hotel lodging.  Chic Loft-style accommodations feature exposed brick walls, oversized windows, polished concrete floors, and ultramodern custom furnishings complemented by the original artwork of Texas locals. This makes for great Frisco Wedding Photography.

Frisco Wedding Photographer     Frisco Wedding Photographer
Frisco Wedding Photographer

Frisco Wedding Photographer
Frisco Wedding Photographer
Frisco Wedding Photography     Frisco Wedding Photography NYLO Hotel

Frisco Wedding Photography NYLO Hotel
All in all a fun shoot and very cooperative bride. She was up for my fun ideas and I was very happy with the outcome of the frisco wedding and bridal photos.

-Jonny Carroll Photographer
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