Robert and Jennifer flew out to Colorado to have their wedding. Near Denver, Westminster to be exacta the Noah’s event center. I drove up from Dallas, and had a great time. I even made road trip out of it and made a video with my remote control helicopter. The photo above is my favorite from the wedding!


hair and makeup.


Let the ceremony begin. It was a small quaint wedding.

Jennifer and Robert both read their vows from their iphones.


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Perhaps the best part about the whole trip for me was the uniqued catered chipotle. Usually, they just box burritos, but because the wedding was in Denver, the birthplace of Chipotle, they’ll do self-serve catering. I’ve always dreamed of the day when I could make my own burrito.

bride and groom self serve chipotle at a wedding in denver.

bride and groom self serve chipotle at a wedding in denver.

This guy made quite the creation!

The dances.





The sunset shot. And the batman t-shirt. Wedding Photography.


The rings


Wedding exit / escape on a 4 wheeler.

It was a great night!

Want to see all the photos from this wedding? You can see them here. I was the only photographer at this wedding, but it’s usually a two man crew. Enjoy!

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