Rachel is like a sister to me. Her brother chopper was my best friend from early childhood and still. Rachel and I have been through a lot, truth or dare in elementary school, protecting her the princess as a pirate every halloween. Her spaghetti dinners in college, etc. Jonathan, her husband is a a great guy too. I’m so happy to see them married, so this post is just a tribute, not a photoshoot.

Here is Rachel and her dad, ST on the rehearsal day. ST and his wife Ellen (who i don’t have any pictures of from the day, sorry!) are also huge parts of my life and childhood.

Here’s Jonathan, her new husband. He’s a great guy.

I stayed out of the photographer’s way all night, (which you should always do), but took this when the guys were tucked away and Rachel was getting her photos taken. This is Chopper, Rachel’s brother and my best friend growing up.

-Jonny Carroll

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