mckinney wedding photography

I met up with Natalie and Josh for their engagement photo shoot at the Chesnut Square in Mckinney Texas, just north of Dallas, TX.

wedding photography in Mckinney, Texas

They were great. The Mckinney Chesnut Square was a great place for engagement / wedding photography. Josh Proposed there, so the location was special to them. Below on the right side is another “fake sun flare”. I love doing these type of photos, and happy they let me as their photographer.

Mckinney Texas wedding photographers     wedding photography in mckinney TX by Jonny Carroll

We had to take photos on this wagon. Just too cute.

Mckinney wedding photographer

Mckinney wedding photography

Josh proposed by this tree, and they were excited to get photographs with it. There was only one problem, the tree was cut down since he proposed. We made the best of it, and got some cool photos using the stump of the tree. Natalie had fun acting like it was the real thing.


From the square, we headed over to the McKinney Cotton mill, a place where I’ve done a lot of McKinney Wedding photography in the past. We only took a few photos there on the outside “public areas”.

I had them climb this wall and stand in this window for a photo. I’m sure they loved me as their wedding photographer for making them do that, haha. Josh is actually a martial artist though, so it wasn’t too difficult for him. 🙂

After the Mckinney cotton Mill, we headed over to Adriatica, which is also in McKinney for some photography.


Here’s a cute photo under the bridge that goes to the canal. Josh had to head to work from here, so we called it a wrap on the engagement photography. I look forward to shooting their wedding.

These are only a select few from their wedding engagement photography shoot. You can see all the photos at their online gallery.
I enjoyed shooting with them and happy to be their choice in wedding photographers.

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