Meredith is a good friend of mine. We played on the golf team together in high school in Plano, TX north of Dallas. Then and in my early college years she was my go-to model when learning, trying new techniques or just keeping it fresh. We’ve had a lot of fun together in those years, and it’s really neat to now be her go-to photographer for her wedding.

Meredith and Jimmy took a trip to California and thought it would be neat  to get engagement pictures there. I agreed, but who would take them? Road trip time.. Destination: San Francisco, CA. Sarah went with me on the road trip .We took a lot of great photos along the way, and had a lot of fun.


We only had this one day window for the photos, so we were at the mercy of the weather, It was foggy, as usual, but I’m really happy with the way the photos turned out. The fog actually looked really neat at night, I thought.

The next morning we took pictures at a state park just north of San Fran. I apologize that I don’t remember the name. We only had about an hour here before they had to go catch their flight, but we got some great photos in that time.


So, you can see why Meredith was my go-to model. She’s beautiful. I enjoyed our time there and had fun hanging out with Jimmy and Meredith. It was my first time to CA too. Wow, what a pretty state. I look forward to shooting with future Toupal family

See all the photos and order prints from their engagement shoot here.

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