Las Colinas Wedding Photographer Jonny Carroll met bride to be Kristen and her family out at the Las Colinas canals near Dallas, Texas for a bridal photography shoot. Kristen arrived with a full crew, her mom Susan, her dad, and her two sisters, who would be bridesmaids at her wedding.


The complex at Las Colinas features a River Walk-styled canal offering gondola cruises, simlar to San Antonio, but instead in the Dallas area. I have a good friend who lives in the complex, so I’ve been here a few times before. It made for a beautiful photography backdrop. These red windows are just gorgeous and the stairs as well. Of course, Kristen was so pretty as well.


Las Colinas is an upscale, developed area in the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas. Due to its central location between Dallas and Fort Worth and its proximity to DFW Airport, Las Colinas has been a viable place in the Metroplex for corporate and business relocation. As a planned community, it has many corporate offices, luxury hotels, landmark office towers, luxury townhomes, distinguished single family homes, private country clubs, gated enclaves and urban lofts. Perfect for wedding photography. (except for wikipedia).


This doorway with the vine growing up the wall is so pretty. It reminds me of a european look, specifically italian. Not something you find every day in the Dallas, Texas area. But we found it and used it for our Las Colinas Wedding Photography.


Las Colinas Wedding Photographer

We we forced to start the shoot a little later than I had hoped, but were able to take advantage of it. here’ those light turned on just make the photo for me, the las colinas wedding photographer.


Kristen was so cute. She took a little while to warm up in front of the camera, especially with all her family there, but when she did crack and authentic smile is was fantastic! I think her dad here is making faces back behind me.

We found some more doors to take las colinas wedding photography at.


Her dad was carrying around this pink chair for a photo. We were finally able to work it into one. Shortly after this we were out of light. That’s a little difficult for a wedding photographer to work with, but I’m thrilled with the results. We made our way back over to the other side of the Las Colinas canal for more photography and used this beautiful hallway.


For the hallway shot, I exposed for the ambient lighting, and then added my own. I put an orange gel on my flash to try to match the tungsten lighting in the hallway area. Above and below are the photography results.

I was happy to be Kristen’s wedding photographer. Christmas lights and some minor ambient mixed with my flashes allowed us to take a couple more photography shots by some pretty flowers.

I love this photo right here.

Las Colinas Wedding photography by Las Colinas Wedding Photographer Jonny Carroll