Jimmy and Meredith | Highlight Wedding Video | Dallas, Texas

Meredith is a great friend from my high school days. We played on the golf team together. She’s just beautiful. She would frequently model for me while we were in school as I perfected my photography craft. She’s found a great guy in Jimmy and I was so happy to be part of their day. I almost wasn’t, Meredith really wanted me to be able to enjoy the wedding, so we made a deal. I shot all the getting ready, first look and the ceremony, and then my crew would take care of the reception. So shout out to my crew for doing a great job with both the wedding photography and video.

There are a few firsts here. It was my first time to use the spinning dolly. I love the shots from it. Ok, so I still did some work at the reception, but also danced, ate and had a fun time. Also, since I do a ton of aerial photography and aerial video work, I had a great shot of the Sheraton in downtown Dallas, Texas, (where they got ready), which I threw in the beginning of the highlight video.

Jimmy and Meredith’s wedding photos were posted a couple weeks ago. You can see them Here. Or follow the links below:

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-Jonny Carroll – DTX Weddings.com