Robert and Heidi got married at First Presbyterian Plano,  followed by a reception at Reflections on Spring Creek, also in Plano, TX. What was neat was that I have shot a wedding before at both these venues, so I was nice and familiar with them.

Sunflowers were a common theme at the wedding. And they were beautiful.

Does it look like the shape of a heart? That was I was going for. 🙂


The bouncers, or ushers, whatever you’d like to refer to them as.

Take note of the pipe organ. It was fantastic. I have a new appreciation for them after doing a photo shoot of a pipe organ class at the university of North Texas in Denton. They organist was great too.

In addition to the pipe organ, they also had a full choir.


Heidi works at the Child Abuse Prevention Center of DFW, she’s very good to children. Naturally, she had sunflower chocolate candy for all the kids. It was cute.


This couple had some serious moves.


The balloon release was pretty neat. I know that being part of the aviation community I’m obligated to disapprove of them, but they just make for great photos. haha.


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-Jonny Carroll
Plano Wedding Photographer