Destination / Trash the Dress / Newly-Wed



Newly-wed / Trash the dress shoots can range from anywhere from a photo shoot the day after the wedding in Dallas, Texas to photos at the honeymoon resort, like in the behind the scenes video shown above.

So what is a trash the dress shoot? Don’t let the title scare you, you don’t have to “trash” it. That’s just the term the art culture has titled the photography sessions. We’ll keep it clean if desired. The idea is that after your wedding, instead of shrink wrapping your dress to never be seen or worn again, you get out and take some photos in it. This can be here in Dallas, Texas, on a beach, in a cave, or where ever you desire. During the shoot, if it gets a little dirty, it’s not the end of the world, thus the name “Trash the Dress”.  You’re free to pose on a sand bank, hop in a fountain or do anything very creative. Some people do go all-out, you don’t have to.

A newly-wed shoot is similar to a trash the dress shoot, where both the bride and groom participate. It can be several months after the wedding, or the next day in Dallas / Fort Worth if you’d like. Having a personal custom shoot after the wedding allows for very fun and creative photos. On you’re wedding day, you’ll be so rushed that you might not have the time to really get the best photos you can, we also might not be at the best location for portraits and certainly not the best time of day. Let this be a dedicated shoot to getting amazing photos of you and your new spouse.