Dallas Wedding Photography | Heidi and David

Heidi is a helicopter pilot that I used to fly with for all my aerial photography. She’s moved up to working with larger aircrafts in the gulf, but returned to Dallas for her wedding. She had her wedding at the Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas, TX. I’ve never heard of a wedding there before, so it was a really neat venue to shoot at.

dallas wedding photography

Here’s Heidi!


Tre was my second shooter. This was one of his great creations. I love it.




Dallas and Highland Park Wedding Photographer.

It was nearly pitch black out, but we had to get some photos with the helicopter. Luckily strobe flashes can do pretty great things.

And then the best exit ever.

It was great photographing her wedding. This was actually my first helicopter exit to photograph. Good times.

Were you at this wedding?

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Dallas Wedding Photography by professional Highland Park Wedding Photographer Jonny Carroll